Tuesday, January 27, 2009

the new portfolio

Hi everyone. Here's the new portfolio. There is a little less shown on the process of the designs, and instead it is more about the story design stories. I've got some more work to do on it, but for now its done. Feel free to drop any comments or critiques.

download here

And heres a little teaser done for class


  1. Hey Ed,
    The new portfolio is eye-catching... Is the photo computer concept your concept from last winter? I don't recall that at all...

    The text is a little hard to read when the portfolio is full-screen on a laptop. Are you considering adding any more sketches? It is one of your strengths and shows your character...

  2. great, just great. i think the concepts show teh talent. I agree with carly that a few skethes would help. Actually I got more from the whole experience when I didn't know I had to scroll down and just saw the top half of each page. it was enough of an experience to want to call you back. holler