Thursday, January 15, 2009


Love the muji brand. They do an great job sending a clear message about who they are and what they represent throughout their website design, advertising, and products. Above you can see an example of one of their beautiful ad campaigns. What is special about muji is that they stand for something a bit different than lets say walmart or best buy. Muji is not about forcing new products on people, actually in fact they want less because they believe that less is better. They are not about trying to make flashy products one year and then reselling them the next year so that they can make more money.

A quote from muji that explains there message:

"Muji is not a brand. MUJI does not make products of individuality or fashion, nor does muji reflect the popularity of its name in its prices. Muji creates products with a view toward global consumption of the future. This means that we do not create products that lure customers into believing that "this is the best" or "i must have this." We would like our customers to feel the rational sense of satisfaction that comes not with "this is the best", but with "this is enough." "Best" becomes "enough.""

If you browse through their website or even use their products I think you'll get a better sense for what they are trying to say. They are lifestyle and necessity.

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