Tuesday, January 13, 2009

How to make a portfolio?

Okay, here it goes. For the first post, I am gonna go through some ways to improve a portfolio as well as state a few of my goals for the quarter.


How do I start a portfolio?
Before making a portfolio think about who its for and why your a making it. For example, if its for a apple, you should probably include some gadgets or likewise if its for electrolux then you should probably include home appliances. As a student however, the most important thing to show in your portfolio is that you have PONTENTIAL. None of use are perfect as students, and we never will be so rather than being conservative, be bold and show employers that you are capable of learning and adapting. There is plently of time to be a perfectionist later...

How long should my portfolio be?
A good portfolio is concise and is fun to look at. If I have to flip through a 40 page portfolio I will probably be bored by the end of it. If you can show your skills and talent in just 15-20 pages it will be much more efficient and it will leave the employer wanting to see more. You want them to be excited about your potential, not bored of it. So the final answer is, less is more.

How do I create a graphic layout for my portfolio?
Designing a layout for your portfolio is just like designing any thing else. Design is UNIVERSAL. You should keep the same principles in mind when your a designing a packaging, graphics, product etc.. Make it:

Simple. Friendly. Unexpected. Fun. Intelligent. Intuitive. Modern.

First, it should depend on the what the project is about. If its a toy project, it should be a little more playful. If your designing a highend electronic device then it should feel a little bit more refined.

Second, your graphic layout should be consistent across the "whole" of your portfolio. You are creating a brand for yourself, so the graphic layout should say something about you as a designer. Everything that you create and design sends a message, and its better if you send a more promising message to your employer.

How do I sell my projects in my portfolio?
First, every project in you portfolio should be something new, something no one has seen before. If someone has seen it then why does it exist? The only exception to this is if you are trying to show that you have some basic skills like drawing or 3d modeling. But, in my opinion you should constantly be trying to innovate, so the bulk of your work should give something new for your employers to chew on.

Once, you have decided that the projects your including in your portfolio have reason, then you should make sure that the reason you included that project is EMPHASIZED. Make it clear why you are showing something. After an employer has flipped through a project, something should click in their head that whatever they just looked at was sweet and it was something that they have never seen before.

Hopefully some of the things I just said help when you are putting your portfolio together. Just remember to keep it simple, yet unexpected. Less is more.

On a side note, my goals for this quarter are:

Improve rendering skills.
Have fun designing.
Stay in touch with friends.

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